Educating the WholeHearted Child


Educating the WholeHearted Child


Title: Educating the WholeHearted Child
Author: Clay Clarkson (with Sally Clarkson)

Book: Paperback, 8.5x11, 384pp
Publisher: Apologia/WholeHeart
Release: June 2011 (Third Edition)
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Since 1994, Educating the WholeHearted Child has found its way into the homes and lives of tens of thousands of Christian homeschooling families. It was updated once in 1996, but it has at long last found new life in this extensively revised and expanded 2011 Third Edition. Those fifteen years of finishing our homeschooling journey are now reflected in the 50% additional pages, extensively revised content, new organization, new book lists, and new forms. It is not just a renewed book; it is a new book. The earlier versions were good for their times, but this new version is the book I wanted write in 1996, but couldn't because I hadn't lived it yet. In some ways the book had to write me, so I could write this book.

* * *

For many Christian parents, the homeschooling journey leads them along a winding path with a vague destination. If they have a map at all, it may not include the path they’re on, or it is too confusing to follow. Other people on the path send them down side trails which seem to go nowhere. Finally, they just trudge forward, hoping that if they just keep moving ahead they’ll find the end of the path. For other Christian parents, though, the homeschooling journey is a wonderful adventure down a clearly marked trail. They have a trustworthy map, so they’re not dependent on the advice of whatever other traveler comes along. They walk confidently and surely down the path with the destination always in view.

Our heart’s desire in Educating the WholeHearted Child is to give Christian parents who desire to homeschool a detailed and trustworthy map that will enable them to confidently and joyfully follow the path of biblical home education from beginning to end.

The WholeHearted Learning model of Christian home education presented in this book is a comprehensive, uncomplicated, commonsense, biblical approach to homeschooling that integrates all required areas of study for children aged 4-14. It shows you how to use real books, real life, and real relationships to liberate learning in your home from the tyranny of textbooks, the grip of curriculum, and the rigid rule of school.

Understand, though, that this book is not a curriculum. We do not tell you what to do every step of the way since you and your family situation are unique. Rather, this book is about a way of thinking about your home that will guide you onto and along the right path, and give you all the tools and help you need to walk it confidently with your children.

You’ll find 384 help-filled pages packed with useful information, insights and encouragement:

  • Ideas: Hundreds of practical ideas, teaching methods, lifestyle suggestions, and product recommendations
  • Insights: Dozens of scriptures, personal anecdotes, quotes, notes, and comments
  • Anecdotes: Dozens of "In Our Home" snapshots of Clarkson family living
  • Books: A recommended "Family Favories" reading list of whole and living books
  • Helps: A section of reproducible forms for planning and record-keeping

We cover all the major areas of home education and the homeschooling lifestyle that are important to you:

  • Why to Homeschool: Biblical and practical reasons for a Christian home and homeschool
  • Nurture: Shaping your child's heart to long for God
  • Discipleship: Shaping your child’s heart to live for God
  • Education: Strengthening your child’s mind to learn for God
  • Homeschool Models: Various approaches to home education.
  • The WholeHearted Learning Model: Our own comprehensive discipleship-based and whole-book centered approach to Christian home education
  • Methods: Covering over four dozen key subject areas and emphases with extensive personal and practical input
  • Learning Styles: An uncomplicated way to better understand how your children's personalities affect how they live and learn.
  • Organization: Insights and tips on planning and organizing at home.
  • Lifestyle: Wisdom and encouragement from an experienced homeschooling mother (Sally).
  • Resources and Support: How to get started and keep going.

If you’re not sure if you’re on the right path, or if you’re confused from too many conflicting voices trying to tell you what to do, then order a copy of Educating the WholeHearted Child. It will revitalize you, your homeschooling experience, and your children.


PREFACE: A WholeHearted Journey for Home
INTRODUCTION: Christian Homeschooling — Taking a Step of Faith toward Home
Chapter 1: The Christian Home — Learning to Be at Home with Christ
Chapter 2: The Christian Homeschool — Learning at Home to Be with Christ
Chapter 3: Home Nurture — Shepherding Your Child’s Spirit to Long for God
Chapter 4: Home Discipleship — Shaping Your Child’s Heart to Live for God
Chapter 5: Home Education — Strengthening Your Child’s Mind to Learn for God
Chapter 6: The WholeHearted Learning Model — Living and Learning Together at Home
Chapter 7: The WholeHearted Learning Home — Creating a Home You Can Learn Within
Chapter 8: The WholeHearted Learning Child — Understanding Your Child
Chapter 9: The WholeHearted Learning Youth — Beyond the WholeHearted Child
Chapter 10: Discipleship Studies Methods — The Study of the Bible
Chapter 11: Disciplined Studies Methods — The Study of the Basics
Chapter 12: Discussion Studies Methods — The Study of Ideas
Chapter 13: Discovery Studies Methods — The Study of Learning
Chapter 14: Discretionary Studies Methods — The Study of Living
Chapter 15: Family — Keeping the Vision Alive
Chapter 16: Structure — Keeping the Homeschooling Together
Chapter 17: Order — Keeping the Home Together
Chapter 18: Support — Keeping the Spirit Strong
POSTSCRIPT: The Challenge — Keeping Faith in the Family
A: Books for the WholeHearted Family
B: Books for WholeHearted Learning
C: Forms for WholeHearted Learning

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