Welcome to the Storyformed Store

Our Storyformed book lists, though just a drop in the ocean of books available, will be the tastiest and favoritest drop of books you'll find anywhere for your family! Click the "Shop Now!" button below to dive in and start storyforming your family now. To learn more about our store and our partner, Amazon, read the FAQs below.

What books will I find in the Storyformed Store?

Good food for a storyformed life! You'll find three broad categories of books: (1) all of our Whole Heart Ministries and Clay and Sally Clarkson books, (2) the best of the curated books from our Mom Heart Conference book tables, and (3) a careful selection of the best recommended books from Storyformed.com. In other words, all of our favorite books.

Will you be adding more books to your store?

We'll be adding more books to our storyformed lists all the time. Since we receive an affiliate commission only for books selected from our aStore, not for books selected after you click the link to go to Amazon.com to pay, we want to give you plenty of books to browse and buy right here.

How will I purchase books from the store?

It's as easy as Amazon! That's because you'll be shopping on an Amazon aStore (Affiliate Store). As you select the books you want to purchase, they will be placed in an Amazon shopping cart located in our aStore. When you're ready to check-out, a provided link will take you right to Amazon.com to pay. Couldn't be easier.

Will I pay more because it's an aStore?

Nope. You'll pay whatever the listed price is on Amazon. We can't raise or lower those prices. We'll receive a small affiliate commission from Amazon (not from you!) for sending them the order, and the more orders we send their way the more we'll get paid.

What if I need to return my book?

Again, it's as easy as Amazon. If you've ever returned something on Amazon, you already know how incredibly fast, easy, and customer friendly it is. Amazon even provides a shipping label for you. Your purchase is worry-free.

Is my purchase safe and secure?

Yes indeed. We wouldn't have it any other way! Whenever you see "https" in the address bar of your browser, you can be confident that any information you provide online is secure and protected, just like you'll find on your bank's website.

Should I use Amazon Smile?

Glad you asked! Amazon Smile is a way that Amazon gives back to help nonprofits and charities like Whole Heart Ministries. If you login to smile.amazon.com and select "Whole Heart Ministries" as your preferred charitable organization, we will then receive a 0.5% (one-half of one percent) donation from any eligible purchases you make. The donation comes from the AmazonSmile Foundation, not from you. Just remember, though, that you must be logged in to smile.amazon.com and select us as your charity (tip: bookmark that URL for a Favorites link).