Episode #23: Help, My Child Doesn’t Like to Read!

In this episode, Holly Packiam and Jaime Showmaker discuss what to do when you have a reluctant reader. They discuss the different reasons for reluctance and how to be a detective to determine what is going on with your child or student.  

Topics Include: 

  • Specific developmental challenges to watch for in emerging readers
  • Reasons for reluctance in otherwise skilled readers
  • Strategies to apply to encourage a love of reading
  • Ways to build reading confidence

Episode #22: Learning to Love Poetry

In this episode Holly Packiam speaks with Sally Clarkson about encouraging our kids to love poetry. The ability to participate in God's presence through the reading and listening of beautiful poetry is a gift of being created in His image.

Topics include:

  • Practical ways to capture our childrens' interest in poetry
  • The value of putting great works of poetry before our childrens’ eyes
  • The importance of presenting a feast of poetry to our children
  • Books to inspire a love of poetry

Episode #21: Helping Kids Develop Habits of Reading

In this episode, Holly Packiam and her husband, Glenn Packiam, talk about how we can help our kids develop habits of reading. You may remember in episode #11, Holly and Jaime discussed their quest as Christians to become lifelong learners and carriers of widsom. But today, they're focusing this message on our kids. 

Topics include:

  • Why Psalm 1 addresses desires and habits
  • How we can create rhythms-- patterns of practices-- in our lives
  • How to incorporate reading into naptime and/or bedtime routines for all ages
  • Practical ideas for making reading accessible
  • Ideas for reading the Bible as a Story together
  • How the Holy Spirit doesn't often override our habits but helps us form new ones

Episode #20: Christmas Books & the Art of Cultivating Generosity

In this episode, Holly Packiam and Jaime Showmaker share some special family memories and traditions. They also talk about cultivating generosity in their homes as well as give Christmas book recommendations!

Topics include:

  • A brief history on Saint Nicholaus Day
  • How family traditions bring meaning during the Christmas season
  • Christmas book recommendations 

Episode #19: Following Jesus through Advent (A Conversation with Glenn Packiam)

In this episode, Holly Packiam and her husband, Glenn Packiam, talk about the meaning of Advent. As a dad, pastor, and theology doctoral student, Glenn shares his perspective on how to celebrate Advent with your family as well as in your church community. 

Topics include:

  • How the Church Calendar can be an invitation into discipleship
  • What Advent is really about
  • How keeping Advent can help keep our focus on Jesus through the busy and commercialized holiday season
  • How Advent gives voice to our longings and leads us to be the answer to someone else's longing
  • Practical ideas for participating in Advent in your home
  • Advent Resources 

Episode #18: A Storyformed Thanksgiving

Storyformed #18.jpg

In this episode, Holly Packiam and Jaime Showmaker, talk about how to cultivate grateful hearts in their own lives and in their children. They also discuss ways of making God central amidst the activities, food preparation, and business of the approaching holiday season. 

Topics include:

  • A brief history on how Thanksgiving became a holiday 
  • How gratefulness leads to faithfulness
  • Practical ideas for cultivating gratitude in our kids
  • Thanksgiving book recommendations 

Episode #17: A Conversation with S.D. Smith, Author of The Green Ember Series

In this episode, Holly Packiam and Jaime Showmaker talk with the popular children's book author, Sam Smith. Sam is a deep well and also quite the jokester as you will observe by how much we laughed throughout the entire podcast! 

Topics include:

  • Sam's recent decision to quite his current job to become a full-time author
  • How we can see ourselves as characters in God’s grand narrative, and see God as the ultimate hero of the story.
  • How to be a creator or a curator versus a critic.