Episode #31 - Updates and Changes

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Dear Storyformed friends,

In the podcast today, I share some reflections about my adventure to England with my family this summer. My husband graduated with his doctorate in theology from Durham University so we thought it was the perfect excuse to take the whole family. We loved seeing the sights and spending time with friends - old and new.

I have something to share with you.  As some of you may know, Storyformed is a ministry initiative of Whole Heart Ministries led by Clay and Sally Clarkson. As the Clarksons and I have been thinking about ways to make the ministry more streamlined and effective, we have decided to no longer run Storyformed as a separate podcast and blog. Our best content and resources will be integrated into the Wholeheart.org site. With Sally ministering overseas for a year and their reduced staff, they’re simplifying and downsizing where possible to focus on key ministries as they move into a new season of ministry. We believe that by consolidating things into the Whole Heart website, the ministry as a whole will experience an upgrade in our online presence, and we will be able to better manage and share our messages and ministries to Christian parents. Storyformed.com will still be ‘open for browsing’ this summer, but the change will be effective this Fall. Look for more news from the ministry about positive changes coming to Storyformed.com and other ministry initiatives in the weeks ahead!

Sally has also asked me to be sort of the lead “Inspirer” on LifewithSally.com for the Living Books section. I will continue to post podcasts about books, authors, and content like what you’ve come to love from our Storyformed podcasts on this section of Life With Sally. This will allow for greater opportunities for collaboration with Sally and other members of her team, and it will afford us better promotion and systems for delivering our content. Life with Sally is a paid subscription membership site.

Before I jump into telling you more about the membership site, I want you to know that I have enjoyed this podcast and writing on Storyformed immensely. It has been such an incredible opportunity  - I’ve loved sharing my life, stories, and of course book recommendations with you. Thank you for joining us for the past year. Thank you for encouraging us along the way - I appreciate all of your comments on Itunes, Facebook, and Instagram. It means more than you know.

Although this is bittersweet, you can still join me in the Living Books space on the membership site - Sally and many other contributors invest much of their time into the membership site to give back to moms wisdom and truth they’ve learned in their walks with God.

If you subscribe, you’ll have access to:

  • Bible Study with Sally—Reflections and devotional thoughts from Sally's personal studies of books and topics of Scripture.
  • Legacy Talks by Sally—Encouragement in six areas of life curated from two decades of Sally's ministry and messages.

  • Topic Series with Sally—Special series by Sally drawn from her books and other resources for living as a lifegiving mother.

  • Access to Sally—Exclusive access to Sally in a seasonal live-streamed webcast with special topics and guests (quarterly).

  • Book Talk—Discussions about great children's books and family reading with Holly Packiam, Sally, and Sarah Clarkson.

  • Arts Talk—Discussions about music and the visual arts with violinist Terri Moon, Kristen Kill, Joy Clarkson, and others.

  • Lifegiving—Thoughts from Sally about building a lifegiving home, creating a lifegiving table, and being a lifegiving family.

  • Private Forum—A forum only for Life with Sally members to ask questions, discuss topics, and find community . 

  • I hope you’ll go to lifewithsally.com to find out more. Please join me in the space there.

Also, I’d love to connect with you on my personal Instagram account - hollypackiam. I post about my life and family of course, but I’ll also post what the kids and I are reading as well.

Thank you again for joining me in this FINAL Storyformed podcast. I hope you all have a wonderful and (hopefully somewhat restful) remainder of the summer! And of course, as always, READ ON!!


Holly Packiam